1-1 Sound Healing Activation

"I feel totally amazing after having a session with you, lighter and freer."


-Instantly Release Blocks, Transform Pain, Anxiety, Depression.

And expand into Higher Levels of Self Awareness, bringing about experiences of pure Divine Love and Joy with these 1-1 SOUND HEALING ACTIVATIONS .

These Sound Healing Activations are like having an alchemical 'Sound Bath' that soothe the Soul, and accelerate your awakening, deepen your connection to Self, transform energetic blocks and promote a sense of inner harmony.


This is something that was naturally activated in me and I am continually humbled and in awe at what transpires during these sacred sessions. I continue to practice daily, ‘inperiencing’ and experiencing many magical benefits. It is scientifically proven that sound affects our consciousness, our vibration. It can uplift, heal, soothe, awaken and inspire and it can also do the opposite. Sound has the ability to work on many levels, including assisting a person to reconnect with their Soul/Spirit/Higher Self, which is their true guide to navigating life and creating the reality that they truly desire to experience. 

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How it works?

In this magical 45-60 minute online 1-1 Sound Healing Activation, I will first guide you into deep relaxation, which creates the space for you to be open to receive. Then I tune in and allow the sounds containing frequencies, specifically for you to flow through me, and weave their magic.

These beautiful ‘sacred sounds of love’ are a vibrational sound bath that has been shown again and again to:

  • expand your heart centre

  • alleviate pain, depression, stress, anxiety

  • awaken you to higher levels of awareness

  • promote feelings of deep inner peace

  • promote feelings of joy and well being

  • bring about experiences of pure Divine Love

  • deepen your connection to your Higher Self

How much does it cost?

It costs $97.00 (USD) for 45-60 min session.

How to book?

Please email Kay at kay@awakeningyourheartsong.com or send a message via Contact form.

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