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"You simply have to experience Kay's work to realise the deep shifts that she facilitates."


Heart2Heart with Kay & Kingdoms


If you Love Nature and believe in Faeries and Elementals? And you Love guided meditations? Then you will Love these. Your Cosmic 3 year old will especially!

In these personal sessions you are guided into deep relaxation and then experience a magical journey that is unique to you. Much can happen on many levels and be revealed with your experience which we will discuss after. It is simple, fun, effective and seemingly magical.

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Who can benefit from Heart2Heart Session with Kay & Kingdoms?

These personal transformational energy sessions are for you if you are looking for a fast track to:

  • feel more alive, present, clear

  • releasing stagnant energetic blocks

  • old emotional baggage

  • expanding your Heart centre

  • deepening your connection to your Higher Self

  • connecting with the magic of nature

  • experiencing more clarity

How it works?

This is a 60-75 minute session that takes place online. All you have to do is relax, let go and open up to releasing and receiving, allowing the energy to weave its magic. Other benefits may include:

  • relief from pain, fear, anxiety, depression

  • clarity of purpose/mission

  • promoting feelings of joy, inspiration, well-being, and deep relaxation

  • expansion/increased levels of vibration, of Self awareness

  • integration and alignment of new frequencies

How much does it cost?

It costs $111.00 (USD) for 60-75 min session.

How to book?

Please email Kay at kay@awakeningyourheartsong.com or send a message via Contact form.

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