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"The real work is in the energy"


"Your energy is powerful, your voice like liquid love and works on so many levels. While your words are powerful, I think they give the mind something to do while the energy is doing its thing. The information/ words are put into the mind to replace the old tapes and give the mind something to refer to later, but the real work is in the energy and the things that happen when you get us to focus and allow the energy to work."  ~Julie

"I experienced a significant healing"


"Kay is a gifted teacher and healer. In her course, she helped me to understand and deepen the learning in many concepts I had been confused about. I felt inspired and expanded with each call. In an one-to-one session she easily helped me to release a major block and I experienced a significant healing." ~Teresa

"It has been life-changing for me"

"Working with Kay is like quantum leaping through healing and transformation. Each week, I clear another layer of blocks I've used to hide behind, which is allowing me to step more fully into the powerful being that I truly am. Kay provides numerous tools that have caused me to shed limiting beliefs in a snap. This 6-week series has been some of the most powerful work I've done with Kay, and we've done seriously deep work together over the years. It has been life-changing for me." ~Julia

I recommend the work that Kay is doing"


"I recommend the work that Kay is doing. If you want to be liberated and freed from the things that have kept you from your own true magnificence and your power, then it doesn't get better than this. I can honestly say that Kay delivers a wonderful seminar that is filled with experiences and sharing."  ~Rosie

"Kay, please never stop being the fun you are"


"Kay, please never stop being the fun you are and know that as your healing art and nurturing songs evolve that there will be some criticism please don't listen or take these words to heart. Just do what you were born and gifted to do. Play, be light-hearted and brighten the world." ~Chief Robert Talltree

  • Awakening Your Heartsong

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