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"Follow the path of your own Heart, listen to your Heartsong and share it with the world.’

~ Kay

I Love Magic

Awakening to the Truth of who I REALLY am is LIBERATING. To follow my Heart sharing my natural gifts and talents with the world, INSPIRING  others to do the same LIGHTS ME UP!    JUST BEING ME, creating from my HEARTSONG is MAGICAL . 

I naturally  LOVE to create, facilitate, sing, write, dance , sharing magical stories and songs, that  Activate, Inspire, Transform and bring about JOY.  I LOVE  sharing about this AMAZING  time of Transformation we are in, offering information and tools to assist.   

I LOVE this  beautiful planet, its Beauty, Gifts, Magic and  KNOW how essential it is that we RECONNECT with her.  I am blessed to have had and still have many magical, beautiful ‘inperiences’, as I like to call them connecting with the nature spirits and elements.  


I am finally beginning to realise just how AMAZING we are,  our NATURAL abilities, and that  EVERYTHING  IS AVAILABLE  to us right here, right now!!!!!  We just have to WAKE UP! 

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My Journey

It has taken many years though to awaken and remember the Magical, Loving, and Playful Divine Being that I AM. To break free of living with that constant under current of fear, not feeling safe to be me, not feeling seen or heard, not feeling lovable, that brought about deep depression, isolation and many addictions.

The path to dissolving the walls, taking off the armour, unlocking the secret chamber of my heart, and allowing LOVE to flow, took tremendous Courage, Faith, Trust, Patience and Commitment, a true dedication to my path. However, the yearning, the knowing was always in the background, egging me on, pushing me forwards. 

And the rewards that are now manifesting are SO worth all that inner work. To continually seeing life with new eyes is truly a delight - to feel the depth of  Universal Love, to 'inperience' its magical realms, is beyond words. Where we are going is really ‘GOING WHERE NO HUMAN HAS GONE BEFORE’ which makes life very exciting and magical.

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Sharing My Magic

My life has been a series of magical,  and many intense life changing events. In 1998, I awoke talents of facilitation, writing, painting and creating guided meditations. 9 years later, I felt my hands click and energy flow and knew that another ability had been activated, all of these helping me to assist thousands of people.  Then in 2012, another ability emerged – Soul singing.

I experienced my first Kundalini activation in November 2003 which almost ended my life. That was the beginning of the acceleration of my intense journey of awakening. In December 2015, a powerful, magical inperience with  a being I call Cosmic Grandmother began a time of enchanting encounters with her as she helped me to open up, Surrender and Trust again.  As she said, 'It is time to stand in your power, Star Wanderer!'.

Life continues to become more & more magical, as more natural abilities present. Just recently, creating & presenting videos which I  LOVE.  From this, the idea 'Sowing The Seeds Of Love' series was birthed. (check out one below)  It's ALL about what makes your Heart sing and sharing it with the world.  'IT'S TIME TO PLAY!!!!!!  IT'S TIME TO LIVE MAGICALLY AGAIN!!!  Namaste.

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