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"A thoroughly enjoyable, inspiring, entertaining and thought-provoking presentation."

~ Caroline

Kay Proudfoot

Transformational & Inspirational Speaker Kay Proudfoot is available:

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  • presentation

  • company retreats and workshops

PREVIOUS ENGAGEMENTS  include: Annual Chiropractic Conference, (Toronto, Canada), Annual Big Brothers & Sisters Conference, (Niagara Falls, Canada), Womens International Day, (St Catharines, Canada),  Questers Annual Convention, (British Columbia, Canada). 


  • The Power of Play

  • Reconnect Through Creativity

  • You Are Good Enough As You Are

  • You Are Not Your Body 

  • Inner Beauty Is Eternal

  • Living Magically Naturally Once Again

  • Wake Up & Smell the Roses

  • Dead or Alive - Which Are You?

  • Who Are You Really?

  • Reconnecting with Self

  • NOW Is the Time

  • Everything Is Energy

  • Be the Change

  • A Return to Love

Keynote Speaker

IT IS TIME! - It is time to WAKE UP and live from our Hearts. It is time to see Life from a new perspective. It is time to stop competing, and instead work together. It is time to share and support one another. It is time to see the Beauty, the Magic that is ALL around us, ALL the time. It is time to create a New World together and it starts with each one of us. IT IS TIME! 

 The aim of these inspirational and transformational presentations is to show very simply and clearly how we have become so disconnected from ourselves, each other and nature, and the consequences, how it impacts ALL areas of our lives. To show the abundance that is already in our lives, the beauty, the magic that we have within us to live very different, natural lives. To show the beauty and magic of this amazing planet and her species and the ability they have to help us live in harmony. And share a variety of ways to assist us to change, to reconnect with ourselves and each other and lead more fulfilling abundant lives, creating a New World based in unity, love, harmony and joy.

I know all about this, have been at rock bottom, been seriously ill and been totally disconnected from myself. And now, just love who I am, what I do, I love life. I am known for my informative, enjoyable and transformative presentations and seminars, offering new perspectives and tools, tips on how to create this new healthy outlook.

How to book?

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