Kay's Healing Songs


These sacred sounds contain the Love, 432Hz frequency - a healing vibration - and many have reported instantaneous relief of long standing pain, alleviation of fear & anxiety, expansion of their Heart centres and feelings of being Home. 

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Adventures with Angelina

This is my first children’s book and the aim is to remind children, big and small, of the power of Love and how nature is magical and provides for us. It tells the story of an angel Angelina, who befriends a lonely little girl, Emily ...

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Guardian of the Forest


In this magical adventure you once again are reminded of the beauty and gifts of nature, along with their powerful yet simple messages. You meet Ki-Ara, Guardian of the enchanted forest, and other realms and her companions ......

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The Enchanted Forest

Let your inner child come out to play as you journey into a magical place, and connect with the Kingdoms, offering their ancient wisdom, reminding you ...

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The Eternal Flame

Follow the golden glow of the Eternal Flame in your heart as it makes its way throughout your entire physical body and then your entire energy field ...

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  • Awakening Your Heartsong

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