"Your voice is pure and your message is clear, inspiring and enchanting."

~ Colleen


Your Heartsong

WELCOME!  It is with great JOY to share my Heartsong with you.


YOU ALREADY are EVERYTHING  you are seeking, you just forgot. You ARE a POWERFUL BEING of PURE Unconditional LOVE and this Love that you ARE is Transformational, Magical and knows no bounds. It is INFINITE. And the Self-realisation of this is the key that LIBERATES you to BE YOU. 


The services, events and products offered in this website are a result of my own experiences and desire to share and assist. Through exploring, discovering and awakening in a playful, joyful way, you deepen your connection to your Self , open your Heart and accelerate your awakening. It's ALL about YOU!  


As you discover what makes your heart sing, what your uniqueness is, and share it, life starts to become magical, exciting. Synchronicity and opportunities flow, all sorts of things happen.  

The products and services created here act like a bridge that assist you to do these, and to experience life magically, naturally once again, which is what you came here to experience. 

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The Art of Play

One of the biggest messages that has come through to me recently is the power and importance of PLAY, of CREATING. Your natural way is one of JOY and it is essential that  you engage in activities that make your Heart sing. We are Creator beings. 

Play is the art of living magically, living and creating from the Heart. This is NATURAL! It makes us feel ALIVE. Your cosmic 3 year old, inner child is yearning to come out and play.


That inner child is a part of who YOU are and has for the most part been forgotten as you became ‘an adult’ and got immersed in the mechanical, robotic, conditioned human way of life. It truly is a forgotten art!

So, the importance of PLAY cannot be emphasised enough. 


Being, playing in YOUR natural high-vibrational space which is a combination of LOVE and JOY, lies the POWER - the MAGIC -

to liberate yourself, to fully experience the amazing Divine being of pure Love that you are and your magical abilities which are


Heaven on Earth

Who and what you are is truly quite extraordinary. And as you awaken more and more to this, your life changes in seemingly miraculous ways. Life becomes more magical and exciting. 


YOU are a Gift to the world just being who  you ALREADY are. And in so doing, automatically assist with the creation of a New World, one based in Unity, Harmony, Unconditional Love.


AND, the Kingdoms, the Realms - Celestial, Galactic, Elemental, Faerie, Nature Spirits - are ALL waiting for you to reconnect  and co-create with them again. The Unicorns, the Dragons and the Faeries are all real, I can attest to that.

This enchanting website offers services and products designed to assist you to WAKE UP,  TRANSFORM  through discovering what makes your heart sing, your natural gifts and talents, and letting your cosmic 3-year-old out to play again, to COME ALIVE! 

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