IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP!  


To who YOU really are. The LOVE That YOU are and share that LOVE doing what makes your Heart sing.

To AWAKEN, TRANSFORM through Self Exploration, Connection, Creativity, Play, and Art, what brings you JOY.

To RECONNECT with YOUR SELF, BODY  and the Beauty, Gifts & Magic of Nature, And live  NATURALLY  once again.   

Everything is within YOU RIGHT NOW waiting for you to tap into!                                              IT IS TIME! 

With LOVE, Kay 

Listen to 'Sacred Union' Healing Song below.


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Meet Kay

My purpose and Heart felt desire is to  BE ME, sharing the LOVE that I am with the world through various expressions that bring me great JOY, natural talents and abilities. To lead by example showing  what is not only possible but available  RIGHT NOW. "





I LOVE weaving my 'magic', allowing my imagination to go wild, creating from my HEARTSONG, and sharing my gifts/talents. 

I LOVE connecting with this beautiful planet and her Kingdoms (the other realms/worlds). I LOVE the beauty and gifts of nature.

I am in AWE of them, HOW they are created - the patterns, the colours, the fragrances, the sounds. They make my Heart sing!​

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Reeturn of

The High Priestess

Set in fiction style, this magical short novel is about the return of the Divine Feminine, and the subsequent Sacred Reunion of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within each of us.  This allows for us to reclaim our power, experience harmonious, fulfilling relationships once again and sets the stage for the creation of a New Earth, the Golden Age, one based in unity, harmony and love.


Many messages are woven throughout the pages that share with the reader how humanity became enslaved in fear, shutting down their hearts. And how through the return of the High Priestess, the feminine, the power of Love, that the spell is broken and humanity set free .

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"WOW thank you sweet sister, this is so beautiful, love receiving your reflection and sending you infinite blessings and so much love in return.


Thank you for SAYING YES to this epic moment and for being a part of the transition team here in this beautiful ascension moment.


Your songs are so powerful, feeling my heart so super activated and expanding outwards, beautiful sister, thank you for sharing your magic medicine and I'm so glad to know these are available where people can RECEIVE this beauty!"


Sydney Campos,

Visionary Mentor, Intuitive Healer, Author and

International Speaker

  • Awakening Your Heartsong

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